Viola and DeMuth Release THE DAY I MET JESUS

The Day I Met Jesus – Released in 2015, this book is a literary masterpiece. Viola and DeMuth are titans of creative writing, and in this astounding book, they are their incendiary best. The Day I Met Jesus brings the reader into windswept grandeur, a soul-stirring journey of first-century figures and the Man, Jesus, who transformed their lives. The book is a durable body of work, nothing less than awe-inspiring. A great display of color, engaging story, and drama. At points, it contains a flair of passion. A spellbinding presentation. As one endorser put it, the book is “elegant, stimulating, rewarding, this probe into Jesus’ relationship with women packages the best of biblical scholarship and theology in the spellbinding wraps of storytelling.” – Leonard Sweet.

by Donald Stevenson

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